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About Support the Beat

Support the Beat is about more than just going with the flow. Your purchase allows us to make a difference every day by helping rebuild our nation’s music education programs for children, aiding in the recovery of veterans with music therapy, and supporting professional musicians in critical times of need. Every bottle sold is another step towards our dream of making the world a better-sounding place. Click below to read more about our journey.

In 2009, the idea of Music Water, Support the Beat's founding platform, came about after a music celebration at a home in Austin, Texas. As the night came to a close, the event’s performing musician was overheard asking if he could crash overnight at the end of the driveway in his van. Because money was tight, that’s where he lived between gigs.

The fact is, many musicians sacrifice financial stability to follow their dreams of performing. Needs such as a shelter, new instruments, healthcare, and transportation arise, creating an overwhelming burden.

This struck a chord, sparking several questions, like how can we help the nation’s countless musicians subjected to these hardships? Is there a way we can ensure music continues to flow, all the way from America’s youth to professional musicians across the nation? The answer came in the form of the empty water bottles scattered across the very stages musicians perform atop. There was a way to help these artists, as well as hydrate both them and the crowds they perform to.

Thus, Music Water and Support the Beat were born. Young or old, amateur or professional, music deserves place in everyone’s life. We’ve accepted the mission to pour every ounce of ourselves into supporting musicians and invite you to join us.

Support the Beat: A Donation in Every Drop.TM

Our Story


Music Water Presents

Support The Beat on Sept 9th at Greenlight Social

So excited to announce the first Support The Beat Benefit at Green Light Social! This HAAM Day Kickoff party is going to be a day to remember featuring performances by local Austin Blackillac and Swimming with Bears. The silent auction that will blow your socks off and live art that will be created and auctioned off and so much more! September 9… 6-10pm mark your calendars you do not want to miss this! Proceeds will benefit 2 of our amazing non-profit partners, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians and Warrior Cry Music Project.

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Support The BeatTM

Music is the heart of our water. Every single bottle of Music Water sold goes towards enriching our communities via music education, therapeutic efforts for veterans, and supporting music professionals in times of need. Here are a few of the ways we are orchestrating that via our Support the BeatTM Program:

Our Children

Did you know that children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lesson?

In a time of public schools losing more and more music program funding, we’re upping the tempo on getting instruments in young musicians’ hands. Through donating to music education and mentoring programs, we are enriching the futures of our nation’s children.

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Our Veterans

Did you know listening to music, playing instruments and composing songs provide opportunities to improve attention, executive functioning, learning and memory?

The benefits of music are near endless, and restoring our veterans’ livelihood is among its most powerful capabilities. Through instrument lessons, music education, and therapy, we’re creating environments in which our nation’s heroes can recover and reclaim their lives.

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Our Musicians

Did you know over 20{a6f8cc22d162051bd621d3af7ecb88f2d9c37447f4de3258d02099e69fc25ccb} of Austin musicians live below the poverty line?

Founded in Austin, TX, the “Live Music Capital of the World,” we have firsthand knowledge of musicians and the struggles they face daily. We believe in not only encouraging professional musicians, but enabling them to live their best lives. A portion of our proceeds go towards providing a wide range of resources to aid in financial, medical, and personal emergencies.

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Where To Connect

You can find Support the Beat in major music cities, with the objective of joining us in our mission of strengthening our communities with the power of pure music.

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